Welcome to Pegeron Productions!             
Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to Pegeron Productions, LLC.!
I am excited to introduce my first book release "House of Plenty" in addition to the professional services to the Pegeron Productions brand. For many years, I have been instrumental in orchestrating achievement in others both in the workplace as well as in personal settings. As a Human Resources corporate executive, I have been fortunate to work with thousands of people from high level professionals to students with the skill to connect and engage them to achieve better results in their perspective companies and growth within themselves.
Today, building upon these skills, experiences  and abilities , I have formalized the professional services of Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Consulting and Event Planning to grow people that want to grow.
With your support , House of Plenty could be a best seller and the Pegeron Productions brand will grow expanding in all services.
I am looking forward to providing you with the BEST possible service based on your needs. In addition to producing additional books that you will find instrumental in your journey.
Ruth Pegeron
Founder, CEO & Author
Copyright@ 2013 Ruth Pegeron